Level 2 Interventions | High-intensity, small target population

The Health Commons Grant, an award of $17.3 million over three years from the CMS Innovation Center, is a springboard for Health Share of Oregon to create a regional system to better serve the Medicaid population in the Portland metro area. Through the implementation and/or expansion across the community of five complementary care model interventions, including the hiring and training of new community health outreach workers, we achieved improved care coordination, develop enhanced systems for learning and collaboration, and create a sustainable system of care across our community.  Between July 2012 and June 2015, we hired over 100 individuals; served nearly 15,500 clients, 5,600 of whom received complex care management services through one of our high-intensity interventions; and created a learning system that led to the sustained success of all of our interventions when the grant ended.

This website is no longer being updated, but if you have questions about the grant, please contact Alyssa Craigie at alyssa@healthshareoregon.org.

A springboard to create a regional system to better serve Oregon’s Medicaid population